About Us

We’ve had one single mission since inception: help startups grow via tech and talent in some of the most competitive recruiting markets in North America. We’ve not only been striving for success, but for excellence. Having worked with clients ranging from seed-funded pipe dreams to Series D-backed acquisition-trackers, we’re equipped to handle roles from the C-level to the individual contributors, and all levels of management in between.

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Our Team

Ali Taghikhani

Blockchain Expert, Senior Recruiter

Radko Kunda

Jack-of-all-trades, Senior Recruiter

Cécile Zizzari

Executive Assistant

Cody Sklar

SaaS Specialist, Senior Recruiter

Victor Salim

Sourcing Manager

Kyle Avery

Crypto Enthusiast, Senior Recruiter

Ivneet Verma

Startup Fanatic, Sourcing Ninja

Arnau Solà Claret

Sourcing and Data Manager